Koujo Tsukino Kage Miyu 2019

  • Soul 魂

    Soul 魂

  • Chigen 智眼

    Chigen 智眼

  • Unryu 雲龍

    Unryu 雲龍

  • Moonshadow 月影

    Moonshadow 月影

  • Sword Blade 刀身

    Sword Blade 刀身

  • Lunar Eclipse 月食

    Lunar Eclipse 月食

  • Edge of Blade 刃先

    Edge of Blade 刃先

  • Setting sun 夕日(セキジツ)

    Setting sun 夕日(セキジツ)

  • Trident トライデント

    Trident トライデント

  • 1/300


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Siege See the shadow of the moon See the existence of time in the landscape of Tuscany that I love. Maserati challenges the castle that protects the land to a battle of silence that transcends Centuries and dimensions See the shadow and know the light.