video: News from Nowhere – Milano Design Week 2023

William Morris, a 19th century British designer and poet, envisioned a utopia that we can overlay onto our near future, expressing the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and the harmony with nature.
Since the Industrial Revolution, what we call ” design” has brought about a convenient and prosperous life, but it has also created labor exploitation, fragmentation of the manufacturing process, and the separation between nature and humans.
Now, “design” should not be a tool for the politics, religion, or capital, but should expand its role as an art for restoring the relation between nature and humans and regaining the joy of labor through beautiful handicrafts.
we remember we are a part of nature, and hope to live with the joy of new creation.

Milan design week 2023 「News form Nowhere」
April 17-23, 2023 / via della Spiga,7 Milano

Yasuta Veneered Surfaces & Design(Osaka)

Photograph・Yoshie Nishikawa / Studio Nishikawa (Milano)
Art work・Takafumi Mochizuki / Zouganista (Firenze)
interior design・Nobuhiko Shimada / Shimada Lab Milano