G100 Design & Lifestyle Wing

G100 Design & Lifestyle Wing

G100 Wing – Design & Lifestyle : Welcoming as Country Chair (pdf)

Dear eminent Soul Yoshie Nishikawa

On behalf of:
Annabella Nassetti
G100 Global Chair – Design & Lifestyle

We are pleased to welcome you at this G100 Wing as:

Japan Country Chair
Design & Lifestyle

G100 is an eminent and empowered group of top 100 powerful women leaders in the world with a vision for the future, including Nobel Laureates, former Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Philanthropists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Corporate and Community Leaders – all joined in a pact of purpose to create massive opportunities for women worldwide.

Each member at G100 is nominated as Global Chair for a Sector and is in charge of that Wing for fostering a network of 100 Country Chairs across 100 countries in that sector.

The Country Chairs further foster a network of State/City Chairs, and/or 100 members and we thus build a robust network of leadership, enterprise, engagement and change of a Million sisters worldwide by Dec 2022.

For more details on roles, duties and benefits, kindly view the overview Brochure: https://www.g100.in/G100-Brochure.pdf

We deeply honor your empowering leadership and look forward to your kind confirmation for this eminent role.

Kindly send us your high-resolution picture and brief title for our team to make the social media banner. (In case already shared, our team will soon make and send!)

Do also further share your full career profile with your Global Chair for the welcome announcement on social media.

G100 Secretariat will remain in constant support and coordination as well – especially regards sending letters of invitation to your further recommended State/City Chairs.

Being guided and led by the G100 is a glorious opportunity to represent and manifest the dreams and aspirations of millions of women in our communities.

By the glorious global leadership of the G100 Global Chairs, and with inputs, inspiration and insights from our eminent sisters across the world who serve as Country, State and City Chairs, the G100 will form a rich repository of expertise, experience and engagement, with diversity and inclusion, and a Vision Document thus created will form the basis of giving suggestions and recommendations to multilateral institutions such as UN and Goverments worldwide, among others.

Together, we will unite and amplify the collective voice and vision of women worldwide, with he-for-she champions, for our parity and progress in the full spirit and spectrum of gender equality, human fulfilment and sustainable development.

It is with our example that the world will remember to “never underestimate the power of a group of women determined to rise.”

Looking forward,

Warm regards

Dr. Harbeen Arora
G100 I ALL Ladies League (ALL) I Women Economic Forum (WEF) I
WICCI, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry I